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Industrial Processes to Mold Plastic into Products!

Manufacturing a plastic product is pure science! One cannot just start with their in-house workshop and think of designing a plastic product on their own. Industrial usage of the polyethylene compound has been regulated under licenses and thus it is only the licensed manufacturers taking in the process.

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Rotational molding – the process

Rotational molding is a form of plastic molding where the liquid resin is placed into the metal molds which are placed inside of an oven. This mold keeps rotating letting the liquid resin moving and forming the layers. The rotations keep happening until the liquid takes the shape of the mold and extinguishes. There is no waste in this method. And the rotational molding also brings forth the mechanism of layering on the products which make them extra durable.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is about inserting a mix of molten plastic into the metal mold for shaping. After the injection of the plastic, the metal mold is set to cool down. The cooled down metal mold is opened up to find the already shaped plastic. This is one of the basic mechanisms opted for most product designing. The designs made from injection molding are flexible.

Blow Molding

Primarily a process used for designing plastic bottles, jars and tanks, blow molding is a process where the hollowness of the design and uniformity of thickness holds due importance. Here the plastic is molten and then air is injected into them to keep them air containing from inside. This fills the plastic up like a balloon. While on the outside these are shaped to provide for the uniformity. It’s a fast and economical process which has a low manufacturing time.

Compression molding

A heavy metal mold is compressed on the molten plastic to give it a shape. This is mostly done for the parts that require heavy density and solid built. Therefore they are primarily used for designing auto parts, plastic plates, fenders, scoops etc. Compression molding is usually carried out for bulk manufacturing only.

The way of molding a plastic is very significant in deciding its usage, quality, flexibility and durability. Different plastic products require different methods of molding to make them stand out!

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